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I Am a Manatee

From Sesame Street

Three Sisters Springs

Three Sisters Springs, the jewel of Crystal River, Florida. Winter refuge to hundreds of manatees. Surrounding property bought by developers who plan a high-density development meaning certain death to this small piece of paradise. How YOU can help "Save Three Sisters Springs"

A Rescued Baby Manatee at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

A Baby Manatee, named Kendal. 2 Days Old 53 lb. rescued after her mother was killed by a power boat. Taken to the Manatee Hospital in Tampa Florida. Please Help with funding to the Manatee Hospital. Send what you can to the Manatee Hospital C/O Lowry Park Zoo. 1101 W. Sligh Ave. Tampa Florida. www.lowryparkzoo.com

Manatee Mounts Boat

You're beautiful... manatee...

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