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Wall safes mount securely between the studs in your walls, making them difficult to walk off with, but more of a hassle to install. Many people hide their wall safes behind a picture frame or other furniture to help keep them inconspicuous.

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Specifications for safes include some or all of the following parameters:

» Burglar-resistance
» Fire-resistance
» Environmental resistance (e.g. to water or dust)
» Type of lock (e.g. combination, key, time lock, electronic locking)
» Location (e.g. wall safe, floor safe)

A diversion safe, or hidden safe, is a safe that is made from an otherwise ordinary object such as a book, a candle, a can, or even a wall outlet plug. Valuables are placed in these hidden safes, which are themselves placed inconspicuously (for example, a book would be placed on a book shelf).

Fire resistant record protection equipment consists of self-contained devices that incorporate insulated bodies, doors, drawers or lids, or non-rated multi-drawer devices housing individually rated containers that contain one or more inner compartments for storage of records. These devices are intended to provide protection to one or more types of records as evidenced by the assigned Class rating or ratings; Class 350 for paper, Class 150 for microfilm, microfiche other and photographic film and Class 125 for magnetic media and hard drives.
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