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Sales of home security safes have jumped recently as homeowners worry about an increase in crime tied to the economic downturn and as confidence in banks and financial institutions wavers. Buying a home safe will help you keep your valuables organized and protected from theft or damage.

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Expert Advice
For greater security and additional protection against theft:

» Always keep your safe closed and locked when not in use.

» Do not share your code/combination, or keep them near the safe.

» Do not tell anyone where the safe is located (except the fire department in the event of a fire).

» Do not put the empty safe carton out with your trash. Cut it into pieces and discard.

» Place your safe with the hinge away from the wall and the door opening next to the wall. This makes it harder to pry the door open.

» If possible, conceal your safe.

» You may bolt your safe to the floor or wall, depending on the model you’ve selected.

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