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Everyone wants to live in a safe and secure home, but suprisingly most injuries and deaths occur right at home. An accident or injury can occur in any part of your home. Some safety hazards are obvious - such as a toy truck left lying at the top of the stairs. Others are not so easily identified - such as a stairway railing that has become loose.

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Preventing Slips and Falls in the Home

In 2004, unintentional falls caused or led to 18,807 deaths. All age groups are vulnerable, but older adults are most at risk. In fact, 80% of those receiving fatal injury are over the age of 65. Falls continue to be the major reason for injury-related death, injury and hospital admission for older adults.

Follow these tips to prevent slips and falls in your home:

» Keep the floor clear. Reduce clutter and safely tuck telephone and electrical cords out of walkways.

» Keep the floor clean. Clean up grease, water and other liquids immediately. Do not wax floors.

» Use non-skid throw rugs to reduce your chance of slipping on linoleum.

» Install handrails in stairways. Have grab bars in the bathroom (by toilets and in tub/shower.)

» Make sure living areas are well lit. We can all trip and fall in the dark.

» Be aware that climbing and reaching high places will increase your chance of a fall. Use a sturdy step stool with hand rails when these tasks are necessary.

» Follow medication dosages closely. Using medication incorrectly may lead to dizziness, weakness and other side effects. These can all lead to a dangerous fall.
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