Bed Bunker: Under-the-Mattress Storage

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The Bed Bunker is a 1300lb modular secure lockbox that fits under your mattress by replacing the boxspring. Available in a variety of bed sizes, the fireproof safe is secured via a tamper proof mul-t-lock locking system. $2700-$5200.

Conficker Virus Set To Hit Millions Of Computers On Wednesday. Should You Be Worried?

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…In case you haven’t heard about this latest worm making the rounds in the PC world, it’s a program which some believe could have the ability to infect as many as 15 million computers around the planet - or none, depending on who you’re listening to.

The virus is supposedly set to go off on April 1st - the day for fools - but no one seems to know exactly what its purpose might be.

Reports have warned it could allow hackers to get access to personal files, turn your machine into a spam zombie, uncontrollably sending out thousands of ads to others, or be used as part of a ‘denial of service’ attack on a big site. Those occur when thousands or even millions of computers try to reach the same site at the same time, knocking it offline…

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Safe Sales Rise as Homeowners Grow Wary of Banks and Worry About Crime

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(source: Denver Post)

Sales of home security safes have multiplied as homeowners worry about an increase in crime tied to the economic downturn and as confidence in banks and financial institutions wavers.

Several Denver security companies are reporting that sales of home security safes have doubled since the recession deepened last fall.

“With the economy not doing as well, people are scared of theft and are concerned about their house getting broken into,” said Jennifer Wickhorst, an administrator with Englewood Lock and Safe. “Women want to lock up their jewelry, and people are using security safes for passports, checks and anything with personal information on it.”

Paul Rossman with the Arapahoe County Security Center said security businesses

“Anytime there’s an economy problem, crime rates go up and our business goes up. When things are bad, things are good with us,” Rossman said. “We’re really selling a lot of safes, and we have a hard time getting them in here. There’s a lot of demand and very little supply.”

The increase is mostly due to safes being purchased for homes, said Lenny Guida, who owns Master Security Center in Denver, which has doubled its safe sales in recent months.

“Usually, residential households mainly purchase gun safes, but now it’s home security safes,” Guida said. “The security safes they’re buying are typically lower end. People aren’t spending a ton, maybe $200 to $250 and up to about $400.”

Although customers are typically tight-lipped about why they need a safe, Rossman said, sales are frequently driven by low confidence in banks and safe deposit boxes.

That was the case for a Castle Rock woman, who declined to be named, who with her husband bought a $350 safe in November from

Though the couple realize a major bank failure is unlikely, they’ve decided to secure a week’s worth of cash in the event of a disaster, she said.

“We initially thought about purchasing a safe to keep our birth certificates and passports somewhere safe and fireproof, but then we started to get more serious about it as we watched the economy,” she said. “Some of these big banks started to fail, and it became a reality for the first time in my life that I might not be able to get cash out of the ATM.

“It keeps you prepared for the unforeseeable, which has become a lot more foreseeable.”

Lockbox Program Aimed at Making Seniors Safer

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(Source: Yuma Sun)

On occasion when emergency responders receive a 911 call and arrive at the residence, the person who made that call may be physically unable to answer the door, which may be locked. 

  In that case, responders must break a door or window to gain access, causing property damage that will only amount to an added expense for the person who made the call. But thanks to a new federal grant, a pilot program installing Knox boxes on certain homes may be changing all that in the near future in the Yuma area.

  “This program will allow us quick access to homes that have ‘at risk’ clients in them,” said Jill Harrison, director of the Western Arizona Council of Governments. “Because we provide various in-home services such as in-home meals to the elderly that are living alone, we have already identified those people who may be most in need of this service.”

  The Knox Box is make by the Knox Co. in Phoenix.

  Harrison stressed that none of the Knox boxes has been installed, but they soon will be ordered and then installed by local fire departments, free of charge to the client.

   “A Knox Box is a small simple lockbox that either attaches to the home or to the door,” she said, “much the same as real estate companies use. A key to the home can be left inside and only the local fire department has a key that will fit the lockboxes in their area. It is very safe and secure.”

  Currently, the Area Agency on Aging, a division of WACOG, is cooperating with six local fire districts in coordinating the ordering and installation process. Those six fire districts are the Kingman Fire Department, Bullhead City Fire Department, Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire Department, Quartzsite Fire Department, Yuma Fire Department and Yuma Rural/Metro Fire Department.

  Each department will receive 50 of the Knox Boxes to be loaned to senior citizens to increase their security.

  “One of the things we like best about this program is that we can use the same lockboxes over and over in different locations,” said Harrison. “So if someone moves, we can use that lockbox at another location.”

  According to Harrison, funding came from the Older Americans Act and the National Caregiver Support Program.

  “We’re referring to this as a pilot program, but we also recognize that we might only get funded for this program one time, so we’re trying to use the money as efficiently as possible. The Knox lockboxes cost between $150 to $160 each, depending upon whether it is the type that must be mounted on the house or simply attached to the door.”

  Harrison said there are other benefits to the program as well as the increased security for senior citizens living alone.

  “We’re building a really effective series of partnerships through this program and that can carry over into other areas in the future that we can’t even see today.”

Alarm dealer has firsthand experience after thieves tried to steal copper from company

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Security system thwarts copper thief.

When someone tried to steal copper coils from Knight Security Systems’ rooftop air conditioners last fall, CopperWatcher came to the rescue.

The small device, which ties into Knight’s alarm system, detected that two power breakers had been turned off and activated a siren and strobe light. The would-be thief fled.

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Those same reporters

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Taking Home Security Seriously - Alarm Systems

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House alarm systems are available for a reason. If you have one, you are far less likely to be broken into and have all your valuables stolen.

The best house alarm systems work in a number of ways to protect your home. Some will be monitored by a company that can call the emergency services for you if necessary. Others will use heat detectors and other ways of identifying unwanted intruders when the alarm is set.

In short, house alarm systems can greatly reduce your chances of falling victim to a robbery of any kind. So make sure you are doing all you can to keep your home safe.

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Practical Tips For Baby-Proofing Your Home

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What’s involved in a home baby-proofing project? Surprisingly enough, it’s pretty basic and most of it is common sense. Let’s do a quick room-by-room rundown, starting with the nursery or child’s room…

Baby-Proofing The Nursery :

  • The Crib: Cribs must meet today’s safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM). The crib mattress must fit snugly in the crib, leaving no gaps in between. If you can fit more than one finger between the mattress and the side rails, your mattress isn’t a good fit. Slats need to be 2 3/8 inches apart or less to prevent your baby from poking his head through. Finally, the crib shouldn’t have any decorative cutouts or elevated corner posts, as clothing could get caught on these. 
  • Crib Bedding: While there are frequent disagreements as to whether crib bumpers should or shouldn’t be used, most pediatric organizations advise against using them altogether, citing them as a suffocation risk. To further reduce the risk of suffocation, it’s best to avoid soft bedding, pillows or excess blankets. 
  • Changing Table: First and foremost, make sure that your changing table is sturdy. It should also have a safety strap and 2-inch guardrails on all sides to help prevent falls. 
  • Window Cords: Don’t keep the baby’s crib near a window, especially if that window has blinds or chords of any kind as they create a significant risk for strangulation.

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